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Discover the amenities of the Depoe Hills neighborhood and embrace the coastal lifestyle. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views, serene green spaces, and neighborhood pocket parks for moments of wonder. Immerse yourself in nature with internal trails connecting to the Oregon Coast Trail and Depoe Bay city parks. With over 400 home sites, find your perfect place at Depoe Hills to experience the natural wonders of the Oregon Coast.

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Discover Depoe Hills Living

The spirit of the commons endures at Depoe Hills. Public green spaces dot the landscape, presenting activities and amenities for all ages. Artful play structures and neighborhood pocket parks spark moments of wonder while view corridors punctuate every path as reminders to pause and revel. And conserved wetlands and woodlands provide pockets of immersion, with interpretive signage to connect you to nature.  

Marvel at phenomenal ferns, spruce, hemlock and alder trees. Discover fairytale-like pockets of mosses and mushrooms. And take time to track the seasonal shifts in the minute details of the ever-changing flora and fauna. Between internal nature trails and connections from within the development to the State Park, the Oregon Coast Trail, and Depoe Bay city parks, the coast is always clear for your next adventure.  


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Depoe Hills Homes

With over 400 home sites to choose from, our master-planned community offers a variety of housing options. And, with space between vacation home sites and full-time residences, homeowners will be part of a close-knit community. So whether you’re looking for a long-term rental, a townhome, or a single-family home, there’s somewhere for you at Depoe Hills. 


The Nature of
Coastal Living

Depoe Hills converses with nature. Our current and planned amenities highlight the surrounding beauty while providing opportunities for residents to feel connected and renewed. Whether socializing at the common house or taking in the panoramic views in the Viewing Tower, inspiration awaits at every turn.

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Natural Areas and Green Spaces


Nature Trail System


Find Your Happy Place

Nothing restores the spirit of wonder quite like time on the Oregon Coast. Experience the joy of the salty sea breeze while you watch the sun sink below the horizon. Or the thrill of standing in the splash of Depoe Bay’s iconic Spouting Horn. With a vacation home at Depoe Hills, you’re never far from the natural grandeur of the Oregon Coast. 

Whether you spend two months on the coast every summer or sneak away from the city on the weekends, your Oregon Coast vacation home will be the perfect place to slow down and connect with your joy.

Nestled at the heart of the Depoe Hills neighborhood, vacation home sites offer visitors a taste of life on the Oregon Coast. In our vacation homes, your visitors will experience the perfect balance of privacy and connection, without interrupting the daily lives and routines of Depoe Hills’ permanent residents. 

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Experience Coastal Mountain Living

A new neighborhood rises to the occasion of life 650 feet above the sea. Just up the road from the Pacific Coast Highway, in the lush foothills of the Central Oregon Coast Range, Depoe Hills provides a place to put down roots. Whether you’re a year-round resident or a weekend guest, awe-inspiring ocean views, access to coastal adventure, and meaningful connection are the hallmarks of your time here.

The sights and sounds of the Pacific serve as the stage and inspiration for shared moments. Picnic in the park or plaza, gather with family and friends around a viewpoint, and watch the sunset as waves crash over the shore.