Depoe Hills — Sea Farther. Live Connected.


As the developers at Depoe Hills, we set out to honor our deep-rooted connection to the Pacific Northwest. This master-planned community celebrates our relationship with nature and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and stewardship. Depoe Hills residents, both full-time and seasonal, get to experience the wonder and joy of life on the rugged Oregon Coast. 

depoe hills HISTORY

A New Traditional Neighborhood


With its rugged seaside cliffs and breathtaking views, the Oregon Coast is a place that inspires wonder and engages the imagination. Standing atop volcanic outcroppings or wandering through old-growth forests, it’s easier to feel a deep sense of connection to and respect for our natural surroundings. 

The area where Depoe Hills stands is unique because of its tilt—it slopes away from the ocean tilting north and northwest. This slope creates stunning coastal views from nearly every lot. When surveying the property, we could see that it was full of potential for development and nature rehabilitation.

Our goal was to capture the magic of a coastal getaway and channel it into an immersive community experience. To share the carefree joy of wet sand between bare toes and the coziness of nights watching storms roll over the ocean from the safety of a firelit Great Room. At Depoe Hills, we’ve set aside a place for you to thrive amidst the joy and wonder of the Oregon coast. 

Hills. History. Home.

Inspired by the incredible beauty of the Oregon Coast, every building, nature path, and park at Depoe Hills was thoughtfully crafted with a focus on community and coastal living. Additionally, we strive to ensure environmentally-sound philosophies and practices are integrated into nearly every aspect of Depoe Hills.

Person writing Depoe Hills development plans
man in orange jacket point on Depoe Hills Development site
Depoe Bay coast line
Depoe Hills development home under construction


Experience Depoe Hills

If you’ve recently visited the Oregon Coast, you’ve probably noticed activity at the Depoe Hills site. As we continue to develop this community, we are committed to doing so responsibly and sustainably. Take a look at some of the features and amenities built into our master-planned community.

Vacation Homes

There’s nothing like salty sea air and the crashing sound of waves to energize and inspire your inner child. The vacation rental sites at Depoe Hills were thoughtfully designed to ensure your home away from home allows you to bask in the surrounding natural wonder. 

Adventure Abounds

When you call Depoe Hills home, your next adventure is always right around the corner. Explore a variety of trails, paths, and pocket parks close to home. Or experience the joy of tidepools, beach walks, and hikes in nearby coastal wilderness areas. 

Coastal Mountain Setting

Miles of scenic trails weave the community together, allowing guests and homeowners to roam free as they take in the surrounding natural wonder. This unique coastal mountain setting inspires awe and kindles the imagination for visitors and residents of all ages. 


If you wander off the sidewalks, you’ll find direct connections to our pedestrian walking shed. This includes hardscape pedestrian paths, stairs, and trails that weave throughout Depoe Hills, providing ample space to connect with friends, neighbors, and the greater community. In addition, our vacation homes are designed to include spacious gathering areas for family and friends.